Hey, I'm a teenage ethical vegan, surviving in a huge family of meat/dairy/egg eaters. hopefully, if you have found this blog, you are in the 2-3% of the population that is vegan! If you aren't, maybe this blog will open your eyes to vegan living. I basically post relatable vegan stuff and animal rights things :) please read my FAQ before sending questions. and if this blog helped you make the switch to veganism please let me know because i will be so happy. message me if you need any help getting started on veganism or advice stuff. p.s: no super graphic/bloody pictures posted. and all posts are organized in the tags page!
April 18, 2014
Well good for you for doing your part (no sarcasm intended). I respect vegetarians and vegans decisions, but all im asking is for you guys to respect mine and other peoples decisions to eat meat. It'd make everything a lot easier. Didn't mean to start any trouble.

all im asking is for you to respect the basic rights of animals which is to live

I understand your values and I respect them, but the fact that you are imposing them on others and guilt tripping people is WRONG. Get over yourself, some people don’t care about animals, and thats none of your fucking business.

but it is my business that animals are getting killed because i care about them and their lives are more important than your feelings

you say you are pro choice about abortion, that is killing someone. that is killing a life. "Earth isn’t a place for killing others." well abortion is killing others. if you don't want a say what others do to their bodies, you shouldn't have a say to what they eat. you say your family is religious? well its a sin to tell people to go to hell.

well its a sin to kill too, but an animal is completely different from a clump of cells that have the potential to become a person. an animal is a sentient, feeling being with emotions. they can feel pain and fear, and its okay for them to be killed and not something that does not have the capacity to feel nor think? what makes humans so special that we protect them before they are even born or even become a fetus with such passion, but when it comes to another species no one cares??

Just delete your blog. Tumblr isn't a place for shaming others. Go on Facebook or something to do that.

Earth isn’t a place for killing others. Go to hell or something to do that :)))

I think it's super great that you're vegan but you shouldn't shame people that are not vegan. Same way how I'm into eating clean and healthy but I don't go around telling people not to deep fry their food or consume 30lbs of sugar every day. Your diet is supposed to be a personal thing :)

But it’s not a diet in trying to save lives not lose weight :)))

I s2g if I get one more ask saying:
-You can’t shame someone from living their lifestyle because it’s a personal choice
-humans were made to eat meat we are on the top of the food chain/superior to animals
-cows need to be milked or they will be in pain
-If I respect your choice you need to respect mine
I am going to explode with frustration

Cringing at all of the insanely ignorant people thinking I’m crazy and making fun of my milkshake post because they were taught cows need to be milked and think that I’m trying to control their lives out of personal preference -_-


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Let it go? ❄️ #orca#prison#love#lol#lmao#lmfao#rofl#roflmao#cool#cute#awesome#amazing#funny#hilarious#tumblr#reddit#facebook#twitter#tv#television#internet#troll#ragecomic#meme by long2er2 http://ift.tt/1janj1I

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